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Anna Centenary Library

Libraries are places that are often regarded as places with power and knowledge. A person with knowledge is a person with power. Anna Centenary Library is one of the latest additions in the city’s esteemed list of attractions. Located at Kotturpuram in Chennai it is the largest and most advanced Library in the city. Built on 8 acres of land this building consists of 9 floors which can accommodate more than 1 million books.

The Library was established in 2010 by the Government of Tamil Nadu and was opened by the then Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi. It is named after the former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu C N Annadurai.

The Versatility

The library is equipped with one of the most advanced features. It has adopted an integrated library management system that contains the automated issue and return of books, access cards for the members, Radio frequency identification technology (RFID) and self-check chambers.

It contains an auditorium with a seating capacity of more than 1000 members and also an amphitheatre with a seating capacity of 800 people. On weekdays an estimated number of 2700 members visit this place, these numbers go up significantly during weekends.

It has a huge parking area and the building is equipped with cameras covering more than 400 locations. With such a huge scale and capacity, the Library also contains a staff of 200 members.

This place is an absolute delight for students preparing for competitive exams and also many book enthusiasts. The Knowledge available here is infinite. People arrive here by early morning 5:30 to get the tokens for a slot in the Library’s “Own reading section” explaining the significance of this place among the people.

The Sections

The Library is interiors are well designed with the latest facilities and comforts available to your service. The books are divided into various sections which help the reader to differentiate and choose their type of reading without much help required.

Braille Section: Located on the ground floor, this section offers high-end technologies for visually impaired readers. It contains talking books and Braille displays which helps in a smoother experience for the targetted section of readers.

Own Book Reading Section: This section is the most visited and well-equipped. Readers enter into the section according to the tokens allotted to them. This section is a perfect space for students preparing for civils and other competitive exams. The place is calm and clean with an environment like this the reader’s experience is never a matter of concern. People bring their notes and laptops to extract the best this section has to offer.

Periodicals Section: Periodicals section is located on the first floor. It offers various journals, magazines, and newspapers. This section keeps itself filled with user magazines from all over the world. It also has a dedicated Women’s magazine section containing women-centric magazines.

Children’s Section: As the name suggests there is an entire section dedicated to Children on the first floor. It has more the 60,000 books from different languages and also Cds and DVDs. The section offers some of the best publications making it accessible for all children from the age groups 4 to 14.

Tamil books Section: Located on the second floor this section consists of all the Tamil books written in the Classic language. One can access this section to find Tamil books from the leading publishers. More than 1 lakh books containing poems, stories, novels, dramas, essays, humour, letters are available in this section.

English Books Section: This section is the largest in the Library covering its range from the third floor to the seventh floor. Housing over 4 lakh books from different subjects, genres, authors, pieces of literature and many more.

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