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Birla Planetarium

Built in 1988 in memory of the visionary industrialist B M Birla it is arguably the most advanced planetarium in India. Apart from this, there are two other Birla Planetariums located in Calcutta and Hyderabad. What makes this particular planetarium unique from the other two is its ability to make you travel through the space that too realistic one.

Located in the Kotturpuram area of Chennai which lies between Guindy and Adyar this is considered to be one of the major attractions of the city. If you are into space and astronaut science then this place is going to be an ecstatic affair for sure.

The building itself tends to have a solid structure the hemispherical inner dome is said to be made of aluminium which is 15 m in diameter. The planetarium is surrounded by educational institutions like IIT Madras, Anna University, University of Madras and Anna Centenary Library. This is a perfect destination for all the space geeks out there without a second thought.

The place is opened from mornings 10:00 AM and continues to invite visitors till 5:45 PM. As anyone would’ve guessed till now the place is filled with students and children from school trips.

Inside the portal

The place is an exhibition of various astronomical models. The educational materials are exhibited across a stupendous number of 8 galleries. These materials cover different areas of science including physics, energy, electronics, and transport. The amount of knowledge this planetarium possess to share is just extraordinary.

Apart from the diverse knowledge, this place has to offer it is equipped with some of the latest technology as well. The planetarium established the 360-degree sky theatre in 2009 which is first of its kind. It also consists of portraits and statues of some of the prominent scientists and photographs and models of various heavenly bodies, celestial phenomena and space missions.

The planetarium also offers various courses in night sky observations and astronomy. The seminar hall in the planetarium has witnessed some of the most complex workshops and discussions conducted by esteemed personalities.

The major attraction of the entire planetarium is the sky shows which is conducted on a daily basis. The shows include eclipses, earth, Man on the moon, solar system and many more. Due to the fact that the planetarium is equipped with the advanced laser projectors, the shows give you a life-like feeling thrilling the visitors with an experience like never before. The program themes too change constantly every 3 months keeping the excitement factor intact.

The planetarium is open every day for public viewing except on National Holidays. If you looking for a unique place to spend some time or to learn or explore the space and other science-related stuff this planetarium would be the apt pick for sure.

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