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Dakshina Chitra

Dakshina Chitra museum is one of those rare places which promotes the South Indian culture and amplifies its beauty through best practices. India is a diverse country with each state having its own set of traditions and cultures. Exhibiting their cultural and traditional practices to their full potential is a thing of past. In this modern world, museums are set up to remind people of their cultural practices. In Chennai, there is no other place better than Dakshina Chitra museum to help you understand the South Indian culture to its core.

Dakshina Chitra (picture of South) was founded by Madras Cafe Foundation. As the name itself gives you a hint of what to expect in this museum. Its a cumulation of the forgotten piece of culture from the 5 Southern states.

The place in itself is an experience which has to be dealt with pride and love. The museum has this ambience surrounding itself which calms the wildest of minds. Located in the city outskirts there isn’t any reason not to visit this place.

The place is a heritage village which showcases the lifestyle of South Indians through the artefacts, architectures of the places they lived in, living style of people and much more. The place carries the essence of transforming itself into a separate world leaving an everlasting effect on the visitors.

Carrying the nuance of all the 5 Southern States this place is as majestic as it can get. Visitors planning for a space to admire its inner beauty rather than walking through lifeless souvenier find Dakshina Chitra to be a perfect spot.

Representing the 5 states Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala this museum reconstructs houses, artefacts, surroundings, and lifestyle of people living in those states with the flawless nativity on display.

Dakshina Chitra is not only a place that pleases your eyes, but it also has several cultural events going around throughout the year which satisfies your desire to be a part of the culture.

There are various activities to be a part of like pottery, traditional dances on display, crafting necklaces, basket weaving, puppet shows and so on. The list is unlimited and the desire to connect with this place is unstoppable.

Classic dances are on display showcasing the different dance forms from each state. More than 15,000 school children visit this place every year learning the importance of forgotten culture and ancient methods.

If you are an admirer of beauty that lies within our tradition and our cultural activities this is one destination that should top your list. The museum is opened every day except on Tuesdays at 10:00 AM and continues to exhibit its beauty till 6:00 PM.

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