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Marina Beach

Chennai a city with a range of uncountable landmarks and attractions. It possesses a beam of energy which attracts visitors and tourists alike. But there is one landmark which stands tall above all “Marina Beach”. World’s second longest beach measuring a whopping 13 Km long is considered to be if not the pride of the city.

This beach not only captures the winds but also the spirit of Chennai. Time and again it has proved itself to be a significant part of the city’s history.

It all starts here early in the morning, you can see the energy even before the entire country wakes. To catch the glimpse of one of the most alluring sunrises ever people from all caste and creed gather here to witness the phenomenon. The early morning walks are just like a fresh breeze in a dessert you just can’t miss. Tourists flock to the beach to get a glimpse of the fresh feel this city has to offer through this beach. The mornings are crowded with fitness enthusiasts, photographers, pets and many more.

Apart from the mornings and sunrises, the beach offers a lot more than you expect from any other ordinary beaches out there. Right after the sunset the major time this beach completely changes its skin is at the time of sunset. The sunsets are witnessed by the same enthusiasm as the sunrises.

Walking through the endless paths with your kith and kin accompanied by the mouth-watering food options makes the evenings even more special. The stalls offer a wide variety of small-sized amusement parks feels. You can also witness pleasant activities during the evening with flying kites and horse riders offering rides. It has the feel of a new world once you step into the beach.

This beach also represents the pride of the city as said earlier. It has been a part of numerous crowd gathering events and protests. It records a mind-boggling 150,000 footfalls during the Pongal festival for the festivities. This beach has witnessed the love and wrath of the people like no other place in the city have ever witnessed. Massive gatherings occur at the place just in a fraction of time and this has made it the most special landmark of this great city.

Apart from the natural feels this beach also has the man-made monuments and statues of Tamil scholars, patriots and renowned figures like Mahatma Gandhi and Subhash Chandra Bose. The beach also has statues of heroes of Tamil cultural Anna and MGR (former Chief Ministers of Tamil Nadu). Apart from this, there are various tourist spots and things surrounding the beach. Let’s have a look at some of them.


Located near the iconic statue of Mahatma Gandhi this lighthouse is the centre of attraction when the sunsets. It is located at the east coast of Indian subcontinent facing the Bay of Bengal which gives the total 360 degrees view of the entire area.

Fort St. George Museum

This museum is filled with the pre-independence period of British historical objects. Objects ranging from weapons, coins, medals, uniforms and other art forms are the major attraction of this museum.

Vivekananda House

Previously known as the Icehouse this building was used to store the Ice from the great lakes in North America. It has then been renewed as the Vivekananda house consisting of the works of Vivekananda and many other ideologies of Hindu religion and many more.

MGR and Anna Memorial

These memorials were built in the memory of two of the greatest and most popular chief ministers of Tamil Nadu Annadurai and MGR. This memorial stands as one of the greatest attractions of the beach as people and tourists flock in to have a look at the tremendous architecture.

Local Food stalls

Marina Beach is not only a place for scenic spots but also fulfils your hunger. By the sunset, the beach opens up to numerous food stalls from the locals. The food items range from a variety of fishes, prawns. crabs and many chat items too.

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