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Theosophical Society

Ever felt a need to escape from this fast-moving world. Ever felt a strong need for a break from yourself and get a place to wander without any scope of mental tensions. If you feel any of the above there might be a spot for you situated at the Adyar river coast in Chennai named “Theosophical society”. Spread over 100 hectares of pure bliss and greenery. This spot is a perfect synonym for the word peace.

Theosophy a term which majority of the people out there are unaware of. It explains the importance of philosophies, maintaining that a knowledge of God can be attained by spiritual ecstasy, direct intuition and also keeping relations intact. The depth of the term can be understood much more easily when you visit this garden.

Founded by Helena Blavatsky in 1885 to make people understand theosophy this place is also known as Huddlestone Gardens. Located in the middle of the city it is considered to be the “most beautiful place in the city”.

The Visit

The visiting hours here are pretty restricted exactly starting from 8 am to 10 am and 2 pm to 5 pm. So if you are planning a visit anytime soon get things done on time without fail. As the garden is spread over a vast area it feels like a never-ending dream once you enter the premise. One drawback of this beautiful place is it is closed on Sunday so hard luck if you are planning a trip on weekends.

The main concept of this society is to treat all religions and gods equally without discrimination of any race, caste, creed or sex. Paying homage to the ideology on which this society is formed you can witness various sculptures and statues representing various religions inside the garden.

The tranquil walk through the chirping birds among the eye-pleasing greenery with your loved ones would actually be once in a lifetime experience. The time during October and December is considered to be the best time due to frequent rains of monsoon which directly helps in the vast expanse of the greenery in this garden.

Interesting attractions

The garden is filled with surprises. Apart from the heartwarming flora and fauna, there is a library for the people who are interested in learning philosophy. This library consists of unique books on the topics of karma, reincarnation, consciousness, and literature explaining various world religions. It is mainly dedicated to the proper understanding of eastern philosophy and civilization. It contains more than 250,000 printed volumes, including palm-leaf scripts, the Chinese Tripitakas, the Tibetan Kanjur, and Tanjur and a collection of rare works in Latin and other Western Languages. The library has a series of scholars as its Director and is recognized as a Research Center for a PhD in Sanskrit and Indology by the University of Madras.

The garden also consists of a huge 450 years old Banyan Tree. It is said to be the oldest tree in the world whose roots cover a mind-boggling 60,000 square meters. It is the major attraction of the entire garden as people flock in to have a glimpse of this old tree.

The garden has always been a symbol of equality and impartiality. Theosophy can be understood and no other place can let you understand it better than this garden. A worthy experience indeed.

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