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VGP Marine Kingdom

The latest addition to Chennai’s long list of attraction the VGP Marine Kingdom is first of its kind. India’s first major aquarium, this place invites the visitors for an experience which usually was considered to be available only in foreign countries.

Opened recently in 2019 for public viewing the VGP Marine Kingdom has tasted the success like no other place in recent times. It has been successful in several fronts like attracting the visitors even with an entry fee of Rs 500, maintaining the place with several precautions and educating the visitors about the water world and its creatures. People are charging towards this aquarium with never-seen-before enthusiasm.

The place is built as a tunnel aquarium. The 70-metre long tunnel is made of acrylic which immerses the viewers into the underwater world. Apart from the tunnel view, there are another 35 acrylic display tanks which showcase different kinds of rare species of fishes and other water animals.

The Species

The aquarium houses some of the rarest and famous species of fishes which the visitors have never witnessed. The aquarium is said to contain fishes which were captured from the neighbour countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and also Indian ocean.

Professional aquarists are said to be recruited for the maintenance of the aquarium along with fishes. Sharks too are available here making the visitors thrilled sending a chill down their spines.

Children, in particular, are fond of this place as for most of the children aren’t aware of the beauty of the underwater world. Being the first major aquarium in the country the experience it offers for visitors is unparalleled.

The Future

The officials have made it clear that education is going to be their first priority apart from limiting the place to just be and aquarium for display.

As most of the people nowadays are unaware of the water species and the threats they are facing. In order to promote conservation and proper understanding of the species classes are being planned in the aquarium itself.

The main target of audience would be domestic people as many foreigners might have already visited other aquariums across the world. This helps in people’s proper understanding of the ways the underwater world functions.

Apart from the educational part the recent addition of scuba diving in the aquariums has added to the fun activities one can be part of here. Located along lines of ECR road and other fun places like VGP resort, VGP water park, click art museum and many more this place sure to be a much bigger attraction in coming days.

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